I've been developing an app that is strictly for the use of one guy and all it does is provide a graphical interface for the guy so that he doesn't have to learn how to interact with a Mongo database.  This one user started complaining recently that the app is too plain, "There's not enough color on it," he says.  "Can you put a tye-dyed background on it or something?"

"Sure," I say as I look for a picture of a TIE fighter exploding.  A minute later I send the user a note saying, "Ok, it's got a TIE die background now."

The joke lasted for a day and he started complaining that the picture was too distracting.  He asked that I remove the picture and expand the text boxes to fill the space that the picture was consuming.

"Ok," I said again.  But this time, I modified a troll-face picture and stuck it in the background of each textarea in the app.  It's pretty faint, so I doubt he'll notice it, but I get a kick out of it =)

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